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A savings account is a great tool to help you manage your money and prepare for the future. Choosing a savings account may seem simple, but it’s important to understand how one works to ensure you’re saving effectively. Our Savings course will cover:

  • Setting savings goals
  • Types of savings accounts
  • Smart saving habits to meet your financial needs

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While everyone has different financial priorities and obligations, setting up a savings plan can benefit anyone.  Learn how to set savings goals and work toward them to improve your financial well-being: [INSERT LINK] 


  1. Learn how saving can help you achieve your financial goals today: [INSERT LINK] 
  2. Have a savings goal that seems out of reach? Develop a plan to help you accomplish your goals: [INSERT LINK] 
  3. Are you hardly saving or smartly saving? Learn important saving tips: [INSERT LINK] 

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