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Titles and Descriptions

My Personal Playlist

Description: Explore learning topics picked just for you.

Personal Planning Playlist

Description: A set of suggested financial topics tailored to your unique financial goals.

My Money Journey

Description: Recommendations for learning topics based on your survey responses.

Prepare for Your Future

Description: A playlist of learning topics customized to fit your future financial goals.

Marketing Teaser

Money is personal.

At [Institution Name], we recognize that your financial goals are unique. That’s why we’re offering a new, personalized learning experience to help you plan around your individual financial situation and aspirations.

Start with a quick, personal finance survey and get a learning plan tailored to your financial goals.

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Your financial goals are unique to you. Map out the next steps of your financial journey with a personalized financial education playlist to set you up for success: [LINK].

Finances are not one-size-fits-all. Get a personalized learning playlist tailored to the topics that matter most to you and your finances now: [LINK].

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Whatever your financial goals, we know that achieving them is a personal experience. Start with a quick survey and get a financial education plan tailored to your needs: [LINK].

At [Institution Name], we know there’s no shortcut for financial success. Instead, we help make your financial journey unique to you – that starts with education. Take a 2-minute survey and get a learning plan tailored to your needs. [LINK].