Identity Protection

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Identity theft and consumer fraud can happen in an instant, so it’s important to protect yourself. Learn about simple tips and tools you can use to reduce your risk of identity theft and protect your financially sensitive information. Our short interactive course will equip you with important knowledge regarding:

  • Consumer fraud and identity theft
  • Prevention and protection tips
  • How to respond to identity theft

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Anyone can be a victim of consumer fraud and identity theft, including you. According to a 2016 Javelin Strategy & Research Identity Fraud Study, $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015 alone. Learn how to keep your personal information secure and protect yourself against potential scams: [INSERT LINK]


  1. Learn simple tips that can protect your identity and help keep your personal information safe: [INSERT LINK]
  2. Your identity can be stolen in an instant. Don’t be a victim.  Take a few minutes to learn simple ways to protect yourself: [INSERT LINK]
  3. We make transactions every day that can put our personal information at risk. Take the first step toward security with these simple tips: [INSERT LINK]

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