Checking Accounts

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A checking account is a great tool you can use to help you manage your money effectively and responsibly. Financial institutions offer different types of accounts to meet various financial needs. It’s important to compare and understand the features, fees and requirements before opening an account. Learn the basics about checking accounts, including:

  • Checking account features
  • How checking accounts work
  • Debit cards vs. credit cards

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A checking account is one of the most basic financial tools available to consumers. Do you know how to use one effectively to reach your financial goals? Take our short course to learn the basics about checking accounts: [INSERT LINK]


  1. Checking accounts allow you to make payments in a variety of ways. Learn more: [INSERT LINK]
  2. Thinking of opening a checking account? Make sure you know what factors to consider in your decision. Learn more: [INSERT LINK]
  3. Checking accounts are an important financial tool for every consumer. Do you have one? Find out more: [INSERT LINK]

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